Serious Dating

So, you have been dating for a while and your dates are still going on. You both feel comfortable and enjoy each other’s company and so you both keep arranging dates. That shows that there is a need and a desire to want to be together. It could therefore mean that your dating is getting serious. But how can you be sure if you are right? Some factors to consider that will indicate if your dating is becoming serious are: trust, confidentiality and exclusivity with each other.

Trust is perhaps the biggest element in a relationship so some amount of trust has to be established from the time you begin dating. Trust means that you know the individual will not do anything to harm or hurt your well-being or dating experience.

While you can’t totally trust your new date although you may have gone out a few times, there are still steps that can be taken to begin to build trust. By telling your date confidential information, it means that you have some trust in the person. So, if it’s a case where confidentialities have been shared and there’s no concern about your personal and private information being shared or misused, then you and your date have build up solid trust in each other.

The experience between you and your date is also getting serious when there has been full disclosure and confidentiality about personal issues including health, family, problems being experienced or any worrisome issue or matter. It means you can trust the individual with your affairs and that you want your date to know about issues that affect you so that you both can share your thoughts about them.

Another big indicator that your dating is getting serious is when you both decide not to date anyone else. Exclusivity to and with each other is a big factor because in fact, you both are now acting like a couple – two people who are dedicated and committed to each other. So, from dating as strangers, you have now gone up another notch to say you will concentrate on each other and what you have together.

When this happens, it means you and your date are both are in each other’s world and boundaries that were set, or which existed before, will start to disappear. You will also start to spend more time together, such as by having weekend getaways, even if it’s at your date’s house. You may also plan vacations or longer periods away with each other.

As your dating gets serious, you should also feel more totally relaxed in each other’s presence. You should both feel free to say and do some things that you didn’t do before because of uncertainty about the other’s reaction.

When your date has progressed to being serious, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be or will be all good. There are certain to be times when you disagree or have arguments. If your dating has become serious however, then no ill feeling will last. If you and your date are serious, you will talk about and try to reach a consensus in which you both feel fairly happy and satisfied with the outcome.

There shouldn’t be any lingering negative thoughts that are left unresolved. Attempts that you and your date make to resolve conflicts will show that there is maturity in the bond you both have and that you both want to work things out for the better. When you both are committed to the outcome, your dating relationship has definitely moved from mere dating and seeing each other to a serious relationship.

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